30+ Best Romantic Movies to Watch On HBO Max in May 2022


HBO Max brings you the best collection of romantic movies that you can watch this season and celebrate winter. Here we have a brief review of more than thirty movies that will make you feel that love is in the air.

This piece of writing will help you find the answers to the questions like:

Here’s The List of 30+ Best Romantic Movies to Watch On HBO Max in (May) 2022

1. Casablanca

One of the most classic and old Hollywood hits, Casablanca, is a love story featuring a story that revolves around a person who owns a nightclub. During world war II, he comes across his ex, who is struggling to manage with her refugee husband of Nazis. This story is about when he had to choose between love and duty.

2. Can’t Buy me, love

One of the old teen’s love stories, can’t buy me love is about a lad who, in his teens, pays a girl at his college to fake date him. Over time this fake dating turned real, just like it happens in reality. The story has beautiful chunks of love and resistance. You will enjoy it.

3. Chasing Liberty

One of the best things that I have ever watched. Chasing Liberty is not just a movie; it is a feeling. Here the first daughter of Anna wants to get the eye off her and doesn’t want to be chased all the time. But she cannot do this, just because she has cameras and hidden services on her. She manages to escape this suffocation with a British photographer and falls in love with him.

4. Adventure Land

Featuring the romance between Kristen and Jesse, this movie has the theme of adventure. In addition, the film has crisps of fantasy, comedy and reality. This piece is worth watching if you love roller coasters, merry-go-rounds, carpets, and others from theme parks.

5. Dirt Dancing

Even after many decades, this movie manages to stay on the list of those worth watching romantic movies. A story having cheesy romance, showing the lady who comes to a resort with family and joins a dance class there. She ends up falling in love with the dance instructor. This fantastic piece of direction can be a good mood changer for you.

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6. Emma

Emma is a movie that represents every soul who is not interested in getting into relationships. A classic piece of art, Emma is least interested in romance, marriage, and affinity for herself. Instead, she is more into getting matches for others. Later she meets Mr. perfect, who starts turning the table around and making her fell in love.

7. Hair Spray

Enjoy the most fantastic love story with beautiful colors of style and romance when the lead girl joins the candy-colored dance show from the 60s to impress a guy. Luckily, when she gets featured, she becomes a sensational celebrity over the night. This movie has a lot of room for breaking racism and stereotypes.

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Who would miss the romantic adventure of thirty-year-old Toula, who had given up on the style and romance and thinks there is no door to the room of experience in her life? She starts working in a greek family restaurant where things turn different, and she falls in love with a guy. She uplifts her style and career. But there is a twist, her family is concerned that the guy is not from a greek family.

9. The Notebook

If you are looking for a romantic drama and classic performance, nothing can beat the Notebook. This movie has a deep root in the world of romance and love. Where two teens fall in love from head to toe and want to be together forever. But the wealthy family gets them separated. Later, they appear as adults with the same intensity of love and warmth.

10. The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

The story is about four friends who got separated for summer times. They keep sending pairs of jeans to each other to stay in touch. Magically the pair of jeans fit all of them. There is drama, love, romance when one friend falls for a neighbor. You will enjoy this movie a lot.

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11. 13 Going on 30

The story is about a thirteen-year-old Jenna who wants to be excellent at thirteen. With her magical birthday wish, she turns into a stylish 30-year-old, having a dream job and all she wants. Being that, she discovers that she has become someone who has got a lot of disturbing traits. She meets her childhood BFF matt and knows what she needs to fix.

12. Two Weeks’ Notice

When an environmental lawyer Lucy takes over a real state dealer George, never knowing that they will be into each other like never before. The story has romance, drama, and beauty. This is about a coffee time show that can help you celebrate your winter.

13. The Wedding Date

The show is about when Kat was asked to honor her sister’s wedding, and she found that her ex was going to be there. The story becomes touchy when kat hires a guy, nick, to fake date him for the wedding week. Later they realize that they actually started falling for each other. The mystery is about something they discover later about the event.

14. You‘ve Got a Mail

Don’t miss the romantic story of Katherine, where she runs a small book store inherited from her mother. Her small business is threatened when a big store by joe comes to the neighborhood. Katherine and joe don’t know that they are secret pen pals.

15. The English Patient

World war II is the reason for many distractions. Near the end of the war, a burnt patient tells a story about a British Sikh and a Canadian spy. How he found his love in Sahara dessert and how they fell for each other. The story brought him to the patient’s bed. The flashback reveal of his love story is worth watching.

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16. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

A lady who moves to Cuba with her family where she is interested in learning dance. She joins classes where she finds a local instructor. She enjoys the company, and slowly, they start falling in love with each other. When she is being hated and called off by other teens, she enjoys the company of this instructor. The story is much more than a classic drama.

17. Life as We Know It

Holly and Eric are precisely on the same date when they get to know that they are going to share the parenthood of the baby of their best friend who missed his beat in an accident. The journey brought both of them nearer and made them the best partners. Correcting the first impression of each other, they became perfect partners.

18. Love Story

A story where two college students fall for each other and realize that even the purest love cannot overcome everything in this world. even if you have not seen this movie, you would have listened to the famous dialog, “love means never having to say that you are sorry.”

19. Far And Away

The story is about a young Irish couple who leave Ireland together to start a life as Americans. But, when they go to Oklahoma to claim land, they go through many difficulties and threats for their work and even lives. This is one of those masterpieces you will enjoy in your winter celebrations.

20. Singin’ In Rain

This is not just a movie; this is a turning point where Hollywood came up with the twist of romance in silent film. Singin’ in the rain is one of those masterpieces that can bring you joy whenever you watch it. I bet it will hold you in your place without missing any beat.

21. When Harry Met Sally

The story is about two friends trying the theory that two friends cannot have sex over several years. This journey of togetherness with love and romance is one of those masterpieces you must add to your must-watch list. This story has a flavor of comedy and romance at the same time to make your movie time perfect.

22. High Fidelity

This story deserves an Oscar for its best performance, plot, and idea. The story has a perfect flavor of romance and love in it. The movie is based on a British novel written in 1995, London setting for Chicago.

23. In The Mood for Love

Heart-stopping performance of sensitive concept. Adultery content unexpected ideas made this film the best of its times. This movie is one of the best ideas of directory and film ideas. This is why it also managed to stay on the list of best movies after ages.

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24. A Room With a View

The movie is about a lady torn into two beaus. The movie’s success was its critique and story of romance that made it one of the best pieces of the industry. When you watch the movie, you will know why it got this fame.

25. Brief Encounter

There was a reason that this movie was nominated three times for Oscar. This was one of the masterpieces in the world of the cinema industry, having a taste of romance and love. The story is about a bored housewife who falls for a pre-married man. The plot and the drama in the movie made it stand where it is today.

26. Crazy Rich Asians

The movie is about a lady who follows her rich boyfriend with Singaporean royalty. The love and the drama go best between the two. The struggle in the film of getting fit in the family of Singaporean boyfriend makes it a fantastic movie.

27. Cold Mountain

Nominated for five Oscars, the cold mountain is about a whole life of love and classic romance. Hollywood is best known for its traditional content. So when you find something that is nominated five times for the most significant award, you know it is unbeatable.

28. Blue Valentine

The movie was directed by the famous Derek. It has an intimate drama that features the story of two lovers with adultery content and love scenes. A couple that goes with the sweet relationship and leads to the breakup.

29. City Lights

The king of silent movies, Charlie Chaplin. This movie is about when he fell in love with a blind flower girl. Charlie’s naughty and sweet romance, bringing life to its unsaid story. The best about the movie is the simplicity and perfection in the performance.

30. 9 And ½ Weeks

Before Fifty Shades of Grey, this movie was a good masterpiece. This movie had terrific views and reviews. However, the idea was criticized by many viewers. Over time, it succeeded in making its way into the world of the cinema industry.



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