Producer Acknowledges Controversial Decision to Retire Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw in Saw X: ‘We’re the Ones Who Pulled the Trigger


The release of Saw X is approaching, with preview screenings starting soon before the official theatrical release on September 29. The film takes place between Saw and Saw II, meaning the Jigsaw killer, John Kramer, is still alive. Producer Oren Koules acknowledges that killing off the franchise’s most valuable asset was a mistake, calling himself and his team “idiots” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Mark Burg, the producer of Saw X, discussed the return of the franchise’s Golden Goose. He assures fans that they will be pleased with the return of Bell’s Jigsaw killer, as John Kramer will have a significant role in the new sequel. In an interview with EW, Burg stated this information.


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