John Wick 4 has set a new record for $138M Global Launch box office opening


The beginning of Refresh for latest was eventful. John Wick: Chapter 4

The fourth film in the series has received positive reviews and is being released internationally on the same day. This is a significant improvement from previous releases, and is expected to benefit theaters.

During this session, the UK generated the largest revenue of $6.7 million, surpassing JW3 by 56%. Germany, known for its loyalty to the Wick franchise, earned an estimated $5.5 million, achieving a 64% lead over JW3.

Australia’s opening weekend for JW4 earned an estimated $4.68M, which is a 54% increase from JW3. Additionally, JW4’s opening surpassed the lifetime grosses of both JW1 and JW2 in the market.

The numbers for overseas and global revenue include Russia, which was estimated to bring in $4.3 million for the industry.

The next best market is uncertain at this point.

Mexico and Brazil both had strong box office performances, with Mexico grossing an estimated $4.2M and Brazil coming in at an estimated $2.9M. These numbers represent significant increases over the opening weekend of JW3.

In France, there are currently protests regarding a proposed increase in retirement age from 62 to 64.

Taiwan’s box office earnings for the weekend totaled approximately $2.4M, with JW4 comprising 70% of the revenue. The film’s opening weekend performance exceeded that of JW3 by 17%.

The Philippines earned approximately $2 million, which was 26% more than the gross of JW3.

Italy’s opening box office numbers were estimated at $1.9M, which was a 17% increase compared to the opening of JW3.


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