How to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Anime? Complete Watch Order Guide in 2022


Seven Deadly Sins is one of the first licensed anime to hit Netflix. The anime series comprises 100 episodes across various seasons and two exciting movie titles to add more to the list of all the current content of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix.

Based on the famous manga by Nakaba Suzuki, Seven Deadly Sins have kept the anime fans hooked for years who wait all year with anticipation to get their hands on more of the show content. If you haven’t watched any episode of this popular anime show and don’t know where to start, we have prepared an easy-to-follow watch guide for you to binge-watch Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix right away!

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How to Watch The Seven Deadly Sins Anime & Movies in Order on Netflix

Currently, there are five seasons of Seven Deadly Sins available on Netflix and two exciting movies i.e, Prisoners of the Sky and Cursed by Light. To add more fun, the highly-anticipated two-part movie event, titled The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh is also coming to Netflix in 2022. Sequel to the final season of the anime, the movie is set up many years after the events of season 5.

Here we have summarized the easiest way to catch up with all the available content of Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. Happy scrolling!

Season 1 / Holy Knight Saga

Episodes: 1 – 24

Seven Deadly Sins Season 1 comprises 24 episodes. We get introduced to the lead characters playing major roles in the story including the supremely talented group of Holy Knights who are charged with treason for allegedly killing the leader of Holy Knights, Zaratas. After ten years, Princess Elizabeth begins the quest to find out the Seven Deadly Sins who are the only hope of the Kingdom of Liones against the fallen Great Holy Knight, Hendrickson.

Arc Episodes
Introduction 1-2
Forest of White Dreams 3
Baste Dungeon 4-6
Capital of the Dead 7-9
Viazel Fight Festival 9-13
Armor Giant Arc 14-15
Armor Giant Arc 16-24
Kingdom Infiltration Arc 24

Season 2 / Post-King Infiltration Arc

Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 is the most controversial season of the entire anime series and interestingly, the plot of season 2 is not related to the story or production of the anime. After Netflix chose to list four OVA episodes as a season, a controversy stirred and fans demanded Netflix correct their indiscretion.

The short four-part season acts as a filler arc bridging the gap between the first and third seasons of the anime.

Arc Episodes
Post-Kingdom Infiltration Arc 25-28

Season 3 / Revival of the Ten Commandments

This season is considered the best season of the entire anime. Titled Revival of the Ten Commandments, season 3 introduces us to a whole plethora of new characters, including the fan-favorite Escanor. The season features some of the best fights of the entire series amidst all the action as the story stirs up.

After the Seven Deadly Sins rescued the Kingdom of Liones from Hendrickson, an ancient evil rises to power after the seal on the Ten Commandments is lifted, unleashing ten of the most influential members of the demon clan.

Arc Episodes
Post-Kingdom Infiltration Arc 29-30
Albion Arc 30-33
Ishtar Arc 33-40
Ravens Arc 37-42
Great Fight Festival 43-48

Prisoners of the Sky (2018)

Interestingly, the first movie of the anime franchise, titled Prisoners of the Sky introduces us to more exciting characters but is not directly related to the plot of the series. The plot of the movie is set somewhere between the third and fourth seasons.

However, since it falls under the non-canon category of the franchise, it doesn’t follow the story from Revival of the Ten Commandments into Wrath of the Gods.

Season 4 / Wrath of the Gods

Again, the Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 is the second most controversial season of the entire franchise following the change in animation studio from A-1 Pictures to Studio Deen. There is an evident drop in the animation quality but still, fans were hooked to their screens due to the amazing storyline.

Season 4 follows Melinda after his strengths continue to rise after being revived and he worries that his demon self will soon take over his consciousness. On the other hand, the demon forces of the ten commandments continue to invade the different kingdoms of Brittania as the Holy Knights struggle to combat their demonic opponents.

Arc Episodes
Memories of the Holy War 53-60
Cortland 61-65
Prelude to the New Holy War 65-73
New Holy War 73-76

Season 5 / Dragon’s Judgement

Following the climactic end to the story of the Seven Deadly Sins, season 5 features some of the best fights of the entire anime. We will also come across some huge revelations that will threaten the fate of the entire world, as the Seven Deadly Sins have a face-off with the Demon King himself.

Arc Episodes
New Holy War 77-89
Demon King 89-96
King of Chaos 97-99
Epilogue 100

Cursed by Light (2020)

Cursed by Light is set years after the events of the final season of the anime series. The second movie is considered canon to the actual plot of the story of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Following the defeat of the Demon King, the world finally finds peace for the first time after decades of battles. The story follows the wedding of the King and Diane that is interrupted by an army of Fairies and Giants, led by the missing ” Second Fairy King” Dahlia, and the “Giant Master Craftsman” Dubs, who seek to punish the seven deadly sins of and all those that contributed to the Holy War.

Are you ready to dive into The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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