Meet The Cast of The Orville Season 3: Character Guide & Everything We Know About The Orville Season 3 Cast


Exciting news for all the USS Orville: New Horizons fans as the show is returning with its third season very soon. The Orville Season 3 will kick off on June 2nd, 2022 exclusively on Hulu, continuing the adventures beyond our planet. The popular sci-fi show is inspired by Star Trek and Next Generation and is set in the 25th century revolving around a mid-level exploratory spacecraft named the USS Orville.

The entire series is focused on The Orville and its crew members who are on an expedition to explore various planets. Interestingly, the crew members of The Orville are not only human beings but also aliens which adds some similarity to other sci-fi movies. 

Other than dealing with the dangers of outer space, the Orville crew also faces other problems and must overcome their personal and professional issues within the ship, which is just another day for them at work. For some binge-watchers, The Orville might look like a parody of sci-fi classics however, fans regard it as a fun tribute to the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. 

Where The Orville season 1 premiered on September 10, 2017, the second season of the sci-fi series aired on December 20, 2018, on Fox. After a hiatus of 4 years, The Orville season 3 is finally coming back to our screens where the fan-favorites Orville squad will reprise their roles to entertain us. All eyes are set on the upcoming season of The Orville meanwhile, the creators of the show have no plans to announce season 4 of the series yet. 

Here’s everything you need to know about The Orville Season 3 cast.

Check Out The List of All The Intergalactic Crew of The Orville Season 3 Cast:

Seth MacFarlane Plays Capt. Ed Mercer

Actor Seth MacFarlane is all set to reprise his role as Captain Ed Mercer who is the commanding officer of the USS Orville. Captain Ed Mercer, who was previously an up-and-coming officer, is on the fast path to owning his ship by 40. After things take an unexpected twist, Mercer finds out that his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson, is having an affair with an alien which causes an enduring effect on his mental health and performance at work. However, despite his shortcomings, Mercer is still the most-trusted officer among the crew members of The Orville.

Though he has his bad habits and personal turmoils to deal with, Mercer is not your average captain and you can always count on him to save you in a time of crisis. Despite his weaknesses, he is compassionate towards his team members and puts duty, morality, and his team above everything else. While he does not have a particular skill that makes him a specialist, Mercer’s personality combines all the skills that he has learned from his team members including Kelly’s leadership, Bortus’ heart, Malloy’s humor, and LaMarr’s intelligence. This is what makes him the most likable member of the crew.

What else has Seth MacFarlane been in?

MacFarlane is also one of the show’s creators and is quite famous for his work on the TV series Family Guy and American Dad. He has also worked in movies like Ted and A Million Ways to Die in the West.

Adrianne Palicki as Commander Kelly Grayson

Actress Adrianne Palicki will be reprising her role as Commander Kelly Grayson in The Orville Season 3. Kelly is the first officer of the Orville and she is also the ex-wife of Captain Ed Mercer who cheated on him with an alien. Mercer’s fans have their reasons to hate Kelly as because of their broken marriage their favorite officer suffered from a year-long crisis that ultimately affected his performance at work. However, as the series progresses, Kelly has attempted several times to make amendments and to get Mercer to forgive her. Grayson is also the reason why Mercer is now the commander of The Orville after Kelly personally requested their senior officers to give him the command. 

While Kelly may have caused serious problems in their relationship, she is also the one who cares for Mercer with all her heart. The show had tried to justify why cheated on Mercer by blaming it on weird alien pheromones and the fact that Mercer was absent at home for a long time. While Mercer had gone through emotional turmoil, he has always tried to act professionally and is willing to become a team player. Despite all the screw-ups, Grayson still remains one of the geniuses on The Orville and has a solution for every problem no matter what.

What else has Adrianne Palicki been in?

Adrianne Palicki is best known for her role as Barbara “Bobbi” Morse/Mockingbird in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the superhero drama movie.  She has previously played Tyra Collette in Friday Night Lights.

Penny Johnson Jerald as Doctor Claire Finn

Penny Johnson Jerald plays Doctor Claire Finn who is the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Orville known for her brilliance. Dr. Finn also has a good sense of humor with a killer wit which makes her strong-minded personality even more appealing. Finn has specialized in DNA engineering, molecular surgery, and psychiatry, the reason why she has unquestionable expertise. As the Chief Medical Officer of The Orville, Dr. Finn has all the capabilities needed to tackle heavy cruisers, although she chooses to remain with the mid-level Orville instead. While Finn prefers working in an environment where she has more hands-on and is able to provide more assistance although Mercer believes that she doesn’t have confidence in him hence, works in The Orville to keep an eye on him. 

Dr. Finn has acquired such strengths from raising two boys as a single parent while being in charge of the medical area on a dangerous intergalactic ship. With her intelligence and resilience, she has not excelled only professionally but her impulsiveness makes her one of the best. 

What else has Penny Johnson been in?

Penny Johnson has previously played the role of Kasidy Yates in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Captain Victoria “Iron” Gates in Castle, and Sherry Palmer in 24.

Scott Grimes as Lieutenant Gordon Malloy

Playing the role of Lieutenant Gordon Malloy, Scott Grimes holds a key position as the USS Orville’s helmsman and is also, a best friend to Mercer. Known for his jokes and pranks, Malloy still remains the fleet’s best helmsman, let alone a lieutenant. Previously, he has even faced demotion to desk duty after an unfortunate event where he risked the docking of a shuttle while impressing a girl, causing damages to the vessel and loss of cargo.  Despite that incident, Captain Ed Mercer insisted on giving Lieutenant Malloy the assignment of steering the ship, leaving his seniors all concerned. 

What else has Scott Grimes been in?

Other than The Orville, Scott Grimes is famous for his appearance in the cult classic The Night They Saved Christmas. The actor has also starred in notable TV shows like ER as Dr. Archie Morris and Band of Brothers as Technical Sergeant Donald Malarkey.

Peter Macon as Lieutenant Commander Bortus

Actor Peter Macon portrays the character of Lieutenant Commander Bortus, who is the competent Second Officer on the USS Orville. Bortus belongs to Moclus which is a male-dominated planet and specializes in weapon manufacturing. With his current position as Lieutenant Commander, Brotus is third in charge of The Orville. However, despite having one of the senior positions in the vessel, Brotus keeps making jokes, mainly because he has no idea about human habits and has particular behaviors himself which makes him a very entertaining character. 

What else has Peter Macon been in?

PeterMacon is a veteran actor and has nearly 30 years of experience performing at Twin Cities theaters. He also starred in Othello once. The actor has also appeared in shows like Shameless, Law & Order, and SEAL Team.

J Lee Plays Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr

Lee appears as Lieutenant John LaMarr in The Orville Season 3. He is the smooth-talking Chief Navigator of USS Orville and ends up becoming Chief Engineer at the end of Season 1 of the series. LaMarr is a close friend of Malloy and they both share a similar sense of humor. However, LaMarr tries to hide his high level of intelligence and is considered to be more mature with his responsibilities.

What else has J Lee Plays been in?

Lee has previously worked with Seth MacFarlane, starring in his Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, Family Guy. The actor also starred as a voice actor in shows like American Dad!

Mark Jackson Plays Isaac

Mark Jackson portrays the role of Isaac who is the Science and Engineering Officer of the vessel. He is also a member of the artificial Kaylon-1 race and considers living beings such as humans ‘inferior’. During his time on The Orville, Isaac is assigned to observe human behavior, to learn things like relationships, slang, sarcasm, and other aspects.

What else has Mark Jackson been in?

Prior to working in The Orville, Mark Jackson worked in theater in the Royal National Theatre’s productions of War Horse and One Man, Two Guvnors.

Jessica Szohr Plays Lt. Talla Keyali

Actress Jessica Szohr plays Lieutenant Talla Keyali who has recently joined the crew of the USS Orville. Keyali replaced Kitan as the new Chief of Security of the vessel after the former departed from the team. Possessing the same abilities as Kitan, Keyali, however, has a bolder personality.

What else has Jessica Szohr Plays been in?

Jessica Szohr is famous for her role as Vanessa Abrams in the drama series Gossip Girl. She has also worked on other projects that include My Wife and Kids, Joan of Arcadia, and CSI: Miami.

Anne Winters Plays Charly Burke

Anne Winter portrays the character of Ensign Charly Burke who is the new navigator of the vessel and will appear for the first time in the series with The Orville: New Horizons Season 3 on Hulu in June.

What else has Anne Winters been in

Anne is an American actress popular for her roles in the FX’s series Tyrant as Emma Al-Fayeed, ABC’s series Wicked City as Vicki Roth, and Netflix’s series 13 Reasons Why as Chlöe Rice.

Watch The Orville Season 3 on Hulu on June 2, 2022.


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