HBO Max or Netflix? Which Streaming Channel is Right for You? (2022 Comparison)


Are you in a dilemma where you have to choose between HBO Max and Netflix? Both are amazing, but you cannot afford both of them, so you need to decide between them and pick one out of it. Only if you are confused between the origin of both, here is a brief introduction to it:


An American-based streaming service that has shown rapid growth in the past few decades all around the globe. Netflix is not limited to a specific type of content or audience. It has a vast collection of content that is for everyone, irrespective of the demographic factors. The streaming service is backed up with its own content production known as Netflix original.


HBO Max is also an American-based streaming service that has deep roots on the globe. For being a part of the streaming world for so long, HBO Max always enjoys leverage compared to the other streaming services. HBO Max has come up with its latest upgrade, HBO max, after HBO Go and HBO Now. HBO Max is backed up with the content of great production houses like Warner Bros. Cartoon network, looney tunes, adult swim, and others. However, the content of HBO Max is especially targeting adults who love to watch premium quality content.

Here’s the list of Best Movies to Watch On HBO Max in 2022

The Deep Analysis Of HBO Max Vs Netflix

When you need to make a decision between two things, only basic information cannot let you end up with the right thing. Therefore, it is essential to check out the details regarding both options and make a wise decision that fits your preferences. Consequently, we have made it easier for you. We performed a detailed analysis of both the streaming services to make it easier for you to decide which one you should go for?

Content Collection

Let’s start with the content library of HBO Max and Netflix. When a user wants to opt between two, it is necessary to keep in mind what they want to watch?

Netflix has the most incredible content collection compared to the other streaming services. Netflix brings a vast range of content for all its viewers around the globe. Netflix is available all around the world as its license is from its original titles. However, the content library is different for different regions. For example, Netflix in the USA might have additional content than Canada, India, or the UK. It offers above four thousand five hundred movies and more than one thousand and one hundred TV shows in the USA.

On the other hand, HBO Max offers a vast range of warner bros blockbusters and premium quality content from studio ghibli and others. Yet, it has a lesser title when it comes to the comparison with Netflix. This year, HBO Max offered thirteen hundred movies and around fifty series, comparatively less than Netflix.

Here’s The List of Best Series to Watch On HBO Max in 2022

Although HBO Max is wired with the deep roots of big names, yet it is considering Netflix as tough competition and working on serious strategies to play this game.

Device Compatability

When you are a significant player in the market, being available means a lot. You can improve your share by being accessible to most of the audience. Both HBO Max and Netflix are compatible with almost all the famous devices available in the market.

Previously HBO Max was not available for amazon fire tv and Roku, but now it has grown its roots there.

Here is a list of devices that are compatible with HBO Max and Netflix

Which Devices Are Compatible With HBO Max?

  • Amazon Fire TV & Fire tablets
  • Android ( Phones and Tablets)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Windows (PC and Laptop)
  • Mac (MacBook and desktop)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • PlayStation (4 &5)
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV (minimum 2016 model)
  • Xbox (One and Series X|S)

Which Devices Are Compatible With Netflix?

  • Amazon Fire TV & Fire tablets
  • Android ( Phones and Tablets)
  • Android TV
  • Smart TV ( LG, Philips, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, TCL, and Vizio)
  • Apple TV
  • Windows (PC and Laptop)
  • Mac (MacBook and desktop)
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • PlayStation (3, 4 &5)
  • Roku
  • Xbox (360, One, and Series X|S)

Number Of Screens

When it comes to the screen-sharing options for these two streaming services, Netflix has got three plans for the users.

  • The basic plan with one screen.
  • The standard plan with two screens.
  • The premium plan with four screens.

However, on the other hand, HBO Max offers a single plan for its subscription that is three screens for the users on a single subscription.

4k And HDR Streaming

When it comes to the latest type of streaming, here is what the two brands have for the users:

Netflix offers 4k streaming to its premium users and HD streaming to its standard users. Whereas HBO Max offers 4k and HDR streaming to all its users in all the compatible devices given in the list above.

Here’s How to Get HBO Max Free Trial

Pricing Plan

One of the main factors you consider when you are planning to purchase a subscription for either of the streaming services is the price plan. Here we have listed down what both the brands are offering you:

Netflix has got three pricing plans for its users:

  • The basic plan that has one screen is $8.99
  • The standard plan gives you the option of two screens for $13.99
  • The premium plan that offers four screens comes up with the price of $17.99

However, HBO Max has a single offer for all the users providing them three screens for $14.99 per month.

Why Choose HBO Max Over Netflix?

Despite being the new upgrade, HBO Max enjoys an edge over Netflix due to its deep roots. Viewers still have a loyalty factor with their own HBO Max. However, here are some reasons that become the cause of this edge:

1. Get Popular Shows

Right after the launch of HBO Max, it came up with the streaming of the best shows from Netflix, such as friends and big bang theory. These top-rated shows were enough to catch up the attention of the audience.

Moreover, it has a collection of classical and unique content like the game of thrones and sopranos, which curbs your enthusiasm and the wire. This content is not available anywhere else, which means you have to be the part of HBO family if you want to access this content.

2. Direct Access to The Most-awaited Content

The world had been trying hard to fight the pandemic. However, the Cinema industry has shown a significant decline in this pandemic as studios were forced to direct release the content on OTT platforms. Here HBO Max didn’t miss the chance, and it took full advantage of the situation. The content from Warner bros. And DC was directly released on HBO Max that boosted the cinema industry and HBO Max at the same time.

Specially there was a wonderful hike with the release of Synder’s Cut Justice league and Friends reunion. This new content release gave an edge to HBO Max over Netflix.

3. Classic Movie Collection

If you are a true fan of HBO Max, you would feel the taste of the classic movie collection of HBO Max that has been in the biggest highlights for so long. However, suppose you try to compare the content library. In that case, there is a noticeable gap between the offerings of both streaming services.

HBO Max grabbed the attention of the audience with the most notable classics like Casablanca and gone with the wind.

You want to access HBO Max from any country but you don’t know-how?

You can easily unblock and watch HBO Max from anywhere in the world. Using a VPN is one of the easiest ways for people outside of the US to get around regional restrictions and unblock services like HBO Max no matter where they live! If you’re interested in learning more about how to access HBO Max from Canada, Mexico, Germany, UK then these are the guides that you should follow to unblock HBO Max from anywhere.

Why Choose Netflix Over HBO Max?

However, Netflix is so new to the landscape of the streaming services but is showing an active growth in the industry. Here are some things that make Netflix a user’s choice.

1. Exclusive And Original Netflix Titles

One of the reasons that made Netflix grow so rapidly and become one of the industry’s leading players was the original titles that were only available on Netflix, such as the house of cards, stranger things, Ozark, the witcher, and others. This originality of titles boosted the subscription of Netflix over other platforms. Moreover, there was a great hype of the content like money heist and cobra kai which actually made their way in contributing the subscription growth.

2. Plethora Of Content

When it comes to variety, no one can beat the collection of Netflix. This is no more a hidden fact that Netflix has the most remarkable groups in the streaming industry. However, sometimes users are only looking for variety. Netflix never fails to provide the best combination in its massive range.

The collection is full of masterpieces like the dark knight, saving private Ryan, killing a sacred deer, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, and others. Netflix has excellent options for every streamer.

3. Explore Hidden Titles

Netflix is not like the other streaming services. It has divided its content globally on the basis of regions. This division is made in accordance with studios and production houses. Therefore many times, people are unable to reach the content due to geo-restriction.

If you know the variety of distribution, you might be aware that the harry potter series is part of Turkish Netflix. Likewise, the lord of the ring trilogy is from Australian Netflix. Now, suppose you want to access any of the following content somewhere else. In that case, you might need access to a reliable VPN that can help you unblock the Netflix library.

How To Explore Hidden Titles On Netflix?

There are some simple steps that can enable you to watch the content on Netflix from some region that is not allowed to be accessed in your area.

  1.   Download and install a reliable VPN. We recommend getting Express VPN.
  2.   Connect to the server of the region from where you need to access the content
  3.   Enjoy your favorite content from the library without any hassle.

Top Trending HBO Max Titles That Are Available On Netflix

Here are some popular tags from HBO Max that are available on Netflix if you get access through a reliable VPN like Express VPN

HBO Max Titles That Are Available On Netflix Regions

  1. The Big Bang Theory: UK, Australia France, Germany, Netherlands
  2. Friends: UK, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany
  3. Blade Runner 2049: Australia, Germany, Poland
  4. Mad Max Fury Road: Germany
  5. The Matrix: Canada, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany
  6. The Lord of the Rings: Australia
  7. The Dark Knight: Canada, Australia, France
  8. Watchmen: UK, Australia, Canada, Germany


HBO Max has just joined the streaming landscape, and it is pretty clear that they are working hard to target more audiences. Netflix is one competitor that has entered the industry full of rivals very smoothly. Keeping this in account, HBO Max takes Netflix as a serious competitor. HBO Max has shown a clear difference in previous strategies, going all out of its way. It is evident that now the main target is to reach out to more audiences.

Netflix made the way so smoothly as it brought the content for everyone when others were targeting a group of certain people. The variety of content on Netflix is unbeatable even when the industry has great players like HBO Max, Disney plus, Hulu, peacock,  amazon prime, and others.

Now, it is clearly observed that HBO is making its way to the family audience by offering the program variety more like Netflix that can target a mass number easily.

The purpose of this writing is not to influence your decision. Still, the real goal was to uncover all the facts that can help you decide which streaming service is better for you. We have covered almost all the elements that can help you in making decisions. Now you can make a choice according to your preference. The one which suits you, your budget, your taste, and your choice. Both the streaming services are full of great content that can be a good option for this holiday.


Which Is Better, Netflix OR HBO Max?

HBO Max is backed up with great production houses and studios that make it much more assertive when it comes to content quality. Still, Netflix has a massive variety of content for all, irrespective of the demographic factors.

 Is HBO Max More Expensive Than Netflix?

Netflix has three pricing plans: basic, standard, and premium. However, HBO Max has the same pricing plan for all the streamers. So with Netflix, you basically get a variety of options.

 Is HBO Max Worth Getting?

No one can beat HBO Max when it comes to the quality of content. You can get the fantastic range that is the choice of a prestigious group of people.

 Is HBO Max The Same As Netflix?

The short answer is no. both the players are playing well in the streaming industry. Still, the type of content and division strategies are pretty different.


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