How to Setup Chromecast on HBO Max using Different Devices (2022 Guide)


Don’t know how to cast HBO Max on a Chromecast device? It is easier than you think!

Chromecast is widely known and used to transform your ordinary TV into a cinema, dancefloor, music studio, and more from a single tap on your mobile phone. The proprietary protocol developed by Google allows you to stream HBO Max alongside other streaming services on a Chromecast device or Chromecast Enabled TVs. It lets you watch your favorite shows, movies, and other exciting HBO Max content in 4K on the big screen.

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How to Cast HBO Max to TV With Google Chromecast?

So if you don’t know how to stream HBO Max on Chromecast, we have you covered! Here’s a quick guide for you to follow and get HBO for Chromecast!

Chromecast HBO Max by Using Your Phone/Tablet

You can easily cast HBO Max from your phone or tablet to a Google Chromecast device or Chromecast enable TVs. Usually, iOS (minimum 7.0 version), Android (minimum 2,3 version/Gingerbread), and Android TV come with a built-in Chromecast feature that makes it even simpler and fun to cast your favorite HBO Max shows on your TV by single tap on the screen!

Here is How You Can Cast HBO Max on TV From Your Mobile:

  • Open the HBO Max App on your phone
  • Tap on the ‘Chromecast’ icon within the app
  • Choose the Chromecast device 
  • Get ready to enjoy 10,000+ hours of HBO Max content on the big screen

You will need to make sure that your television supports Chromecast directly. If not, you can connect your TV to a Chromecast device in order to start streaming!

How to Set up Chromecast Device on TV

In order to set up a Chromecast device on TV, you must have these:

  • Android Phone/Tablet
  • Smart TV with an HDMI input
  • Google Chromecast device

Don’t forget to make sure that all the devices are connected to a single, stable Wi-Fi connection. 

You need to follow the below-mentioned steps to Chromecast HBO Max with smartphones.

  • Connect the Chromecast device with the TV via HDMI cable
  • A number will appear with a ‘Welcome Chromecast’ sign on your TV screen
  • On your phone, download the Google Home app
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Create ‘home’
  • Google Home app will show all the devices connected with the same Wi-Fi
  • Select the Chromecast number same as the one on your TV screen
  • You have successfully set up Chromecast on TV with your smartphone. 

How to Cast HBO Max on TV From Your Smartphone?

  • Launch the HBO Max app on your smartphone
  • Select the movie or series that you wish to watch on your TV
  • On the top right corner, tap the Google cast button
  • Choose your TV from the list of connected device
  • Enjoy your favorite HBO Max content in Ultra HD!

How to Watch HBO Max With Chromecast by Using Your Computer/Laptop?

Just like your smartphone, you can also Chromecast HBO Max on your TV by using your computer or laptop. This is all you need to do:

  • By following the instruction mentioned above, set up and connect the Chromecast device to your TV
  • On Google Chrome, open HBO Max 
  • Select a title to watch
  • As soon as the video starts streaming, a Google Cast button will appear on the bottom right corner of the HBO Max video player
  • Hit the ‘Google Cast Button’
  • Choose your TV from the list of connected devices on the same Wi-Fi
  • Continue streaming in Ultra HD!

What to do if HBO Max Chromecast Not Working?

While casting HBO Max to a Chromecast enable device is quite simple, you may encounter difficulties due to multiple reasons. If you are unable to play HBO Max on a Chromecast device or Chromecast enable TVs, you can try to re-log into your account and see if the problem is fixed. Make sure to log out of your HBO Max account to reset the data. 

Why HBO Max is Not Working on Chromecast?

Well, as annoying as it is, this could be due to the following reasons:

  • Mobile and Chromecast devices are not using the same Wi-Fi connection
  • HBO Max server is down
  • Chromecast device is not detected
  • Pending HBO Max account update
  • Unstable internet 
  • Cache and Data clearance required
  • Chromecast device requires an update


The exciting option to cast HBO Max n your Smart TV is a delight if you want to have the 4K Ultra HD experience in your living room. By following these simple steps, you can cast HBO Max on your Chromecast TV and start streaming!


Q- Why is HBO Max not casting to Chromecast?

Re-log into your HBO Max account. Check your internet connection and make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi

Q- Does HBO Max work with Chromecast?

Yes, HBO Max works with Chromecast

Q- How do I add HBO Max to Chromecast?

You need to follow the above guide to stream HBO Max on your Chromecast device

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