50 Best Shows & Series To Watch On HBO Max in 2022


If you have nothing to do this holiday and are looking for the best options you can watch on HBO max, we are here with the beautiful collection for you. So just tune in to HBO max this season and enjoy the most unique content on it to make your time best with your friends.

Here we have tried to answer these questions that are frequently asked by people from all around the world:

  • What are The Top 30 Shows To Watch on HBO Max?
  • What Series Should I watch on HBO Max?
  • What should I watch on HBO Max?

List Of Best HBO Max TV Shows to Watch in 2022

1. The White Lotus

Initially, it was a small project, but the great success of this murder mystery held the audience till it ended. This was one of the most successful shows of the season, and it was appreciated by the audience. It featured the cast; Jennifer Coolidge, Alexandra Daddario, Steve Zahn, Molly Shannon, and others who made this show unforgettable.

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2. Starstruck

The story revolves around the comedy of goofy rose, a struggling student doing odd jobs like serving at a bar and being a nanny. She enjoyed a new year’s eve party and had a one-night stand with tom Kapoor, who played a celebrity. The drama, comedy, and emotions can make you feel amazing when watching the series.

3. Hacks

One of the most acceptable originals at HBO max, hacks has excellent Jen smart’s best looks, style, drama, and comedy. Small things plotted very well to make the entire series wonderful. This series is one of its kind, from throwing Ipads into a swimming pool and giving withering looks. Jean is accompanied by a young star who made up the best combination with her fresh material comedy.

4. Made for Love

Made for love is not just a series; it is a concept. The story revolves around a girl who escapes from her 10 years of marriage and wants to restart for sure. But there, she finds that her ex-husband has fitted a chip in her mind. She can be traced by him efficiently. The struggle to get out and chase and the freedom. This is one of the best series of HBO and an innovative idea.

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5. It’s a Sin

This series represents a group of young people who lived as gay couples in the 80s when it was all new about HIV aids. Going out, hangouts, partying, carrying each other to the bar. This series is one of its kind for those who fall in love and don’t care about what will happen with their unusual pet. It beats the courage to face society with confidence.

6. Betty

One of the best HBO max originals in 2021 featured a team of young teens who zipped here and there on the skateboards. At times life shows us the darker side, and you cannot figure out what will happen. In those bad times, betty may appear as a ray of hope for you. It is one of the best things you can watch this holiday season. I bet you will start finding ways to join the team of these cool teens.

7. The Flight Attendant

If you enjoy the horror mystery, then the flight attendant is the best of that kind. Kalley played a flight attendant in this show who had a night out with someone and mysteriously woke up in Bangkok having no memories from the past. The mystery begins when she finds a dead body beside her. Moreover, she is helped by the ghost of the deceived to solve the mystery. Full of adventure and thrill, this series is fantastic in its kind.

8. Successions

This show revolves around a family that controls the world’s most significant media and production house near reality. One of their members gets into the battle to take over their father’s health decline.

9. I Hate Suzie

If you were a fan of the secret diary of a call girl, then here you find the meetup of both the stars again. In this show, a girl played Suzie, showing the star life. She won a Disney award for a movie and later found that she had been trapped in a hacking scandal. This show will get on your nerves day by day. With every episode, you will find the curiosity level touching the skies.

10. The Other Two

Covering the darkness of sibling rivalry in the chunks of comedy, this show became one of the best hits among the HBO max originals in 2021. This show revolves around a story of two siblings who could not digest the sudden success of their third sibling, who became a sudden sensation in the world and stood up in the limelight. The show has fantastic reactions near to reality and fun.

11. Ghosts

Are you looking for lighter and silly humor? Ghost has a fantastic cast delivering the best performance in the show. Spirits have a team that wants a home for themselves, and they don’t want someone else to be with them. The cast has great stars from the show called a midwife, a successful hi from HBO max originals.

12. Frayed

An unfortunate lady traveled from London to Australia because she lost almost everything after her husband’s death. This desperate lady was forced to travel with her son and daughter to the hometown, where she found that the place was no more a good place to stay. This movie shows the dark humor with a touch of reality, making its way in the best among the HBO originals.

13. Home

Home is one of the best comedy-drama from the HBO max originals. It features a family that returns from the holidays from France and finds a person hiding at the back of their car seat. The show is all about helping good people when they need it and comforting them at home even when other family members are not pleased. This is one of the refreshing shows from HBO max originals.

14. Pure

Pure is one of the best shows that helped people understand the rare type of OCD. This show was about a young lady who moved to London for her new work and broke out the stereotypes about OCD. Unfortunately, this type of OCD leads her to intrusive sexual thoughts. In this show, you will see her struggling and fighting. This show from HBO originals was appreciated because of its content.

15. Stath Lets Flat

Stath let’s flat was one of the best shows from HBO max. This show has British humor with a light taste. It is about a company where a worker shows flats to the customers with electricity cut and disturbing things. This is one of the best and most successful British shows on streaming services.

16. Search party

Search party became a sensation after its second and third seasons. Unfortunately, the story left people clueless till the end. The story revolves around a lady who becomes a detective to find a woman she barely knew in college. She is putting a lot of effort into getting the clues. The audience will realize she is searching for something else, maybe herself. This show is a beautiful direction with dark humor, drama, plot, and whatnot.

17. Adventure Time: Distant Lands

If you are a fan of adventure time ends, you will definitely love this series. The show’s leads make it a perfect piece of direction for those who love to watch animated series. The magic and style in the show will catch your attention as soon as the experience begins. This four-hour-long show made it even different as the storytelling was covered well.

18. Infinity Trains

if you are not a fan of cartoon series, let infinity train change your mind. This is one of those series that is not just limited to the kids. The story has a lady who works on resolving the emotional issues of train passengers. They got off the train with their problems fixed. The show’s emotion, drama, and love are from its first season. All four seasons are worthy of watching.

19. Crime Gomorrah

This is an Italian crime drama where the director hasn’t missed any detail to make it look like an authentic experience of the underworld. This show has five seasons, and all of them managed to be the audience’s choice. The portrayal of the world that is not so real to us in this show makes it a masterpiece.

20. Raised By Wolves

Raised by the wolves is one of those shows which dared to create a sensitive story. This story is about two androids who develop a clone of their child after the destruction caused by war worldwide. after their attempt, they realize that it is not easy to control human beliefs. This made the story turn into the one that touched society’s religious strings.

21. Love Life

Do you think it is essential to get Mr. perfect when looking for love? If you are seeking the answer, you can try love life. In this show, two collectors tried dating different people who never fit into their frame. This experience of dating a person who is not suitable for love will show you many possible results.

22. Mare Of The East Town

A small detective mare, Sheehan, is solving a murder mystery of a woman. She is already struggling with a lot in her life. She has lost her son, and her married life has ended with a divorce. You will definitely enjoy the struggling story of this detective.

23. Veneno

Veneno is sort of a biography of a transgender singer of the 90s. Her story came into the ideas when a curious journalism student tried to grapple with her own identity. This piece turned into a hilarious experience and outstanding miniseries that you must add to your must-watch list from HBO max original.

24. Santa Inc.

If you are a great fan of animated stories, we can bet that you wouldn’t have watched anything like Santa yet. The story is of a lady elf who wants to become the next Santa. The story has fun, naughtiness, and beauty of adventure simultaneously. This is one of the best HBO max originals to watch.

25. Sex Life of College Girls

College is one of those places where people identify their identities and the pattern they choose to live. The show is much more than a real-life college adventure and is much funnier than that. The story is of college girls who choose different ways to live their lives, and the experience is felt throughout the show.

26. Black And Missing

We always see that media highlights the missing of white women. But rarely do we see someone talking about marginalized communities? This story is about a black woman who goes missing. The idea was to provoke the thought that black life matters. The director has worked amazingly to craft the vision with reality.

27. The Last O.G.

Are you in the mood to add some humor to your life? Try out the last O.G. the show is about an unfortunate ex-con set free from prison after 15 years. He finds that the world has moved on without him when he comes out. The ex-girlfriend has married another guy with whom she is busy raising kids. In addition, the neighborhood has evolved over time. Here the unfortunate person decides to reinvent himself and comes across many comedic struggles.

28. The Outsider

A mystery series with a touch of horror is not just a miniseries of 10 episodes. It is a complete experience. The story is about a young boy who was brutally murdered. Terry, a role played by Jason, was accused of the murder. The detective who is handling the case had terms with terry long ago. But things are not going in favor of terry in either way. Here is something supernatural that is helping out to come to conclusions. What’s that? Watch the series to enjoy this experience.

29. Band of Brothers

Even after two decades of the band of brothers, this series is a big hit. The series brought a new character in every episode. This story is an authentic experience of the east company and whatever they experienced in the war and after it. You must watch this series if you are a true fan of watching reality with the taste of filming.

30. Key And Peele

Even though many people tried to copy this duo, none could beat the content and performance they gave in their all five seasons. This show is about two people who, with their comedy, provide the best social awareness and makes the world laugh by gaining a sense of social responsibility. The show is full of positivity, and this is why it enjoys the edge over all the other shows.

31. Scenes From a Marriage

The series has grabbed the attention of the audience with its unique idea. The story is about a married couple in love with each other. They don’t want to give up on their relationship, but there are times when love is not enough to survive. There come hurdles and ways when both of them are on the point where they have to decide whether they should stay together or part away.

32. Superman And Lois

Superman, because of his goodness, is a timeless hero. This means whenever the audience sees him on the screen, he can rule with his charisma. Superman and Lois were the best way to connect with the modern audience. It has a powerful plot, characters, drama, and style. This is one of the best series on HBO max.

33. Folklore

Folklore is a horror tale based on mythology. Eric Khoo, the series creator, assembled writers from all around Asia. Then, in conjunction with HBO Asia, he asked them to write the content that could create the best scary series. For example, in the first episode, a mother accidentally invites a ghost. Similarly, there is a different story in all other episodes with different regions’ styles.

34. Curb Your Enthusiasm

The story is about larry, a person who hates when anyone else other than him breaks the social norms. The only people who can deal with his tantrums are his best friends. So they stretch their capacity to deal with their friend. This story is more about reality than a classic comedy. Yet, the humor in the movie crafted the show very well.

35. Jett

Do you want to experience the adventure of crime? Jett is the most fantastic fit then. Jett is the biggest thief who has to start a new one when she is set free from prison. Unfortunately, her ex-lover and the boss of the crime world have some plans for her talent. Jett agrees to steal the precious ring for her daughter and her closest friend. When things go wrong, she realizes that she has been caught between two men.

36. John Adams

Like the other leaders of the united states, john Adams didn’t get that much attention. However, he was cleared with all his dues with this HBO series. The story is about the times when the American revolution took place. It also covers the early two decades of those times. So if you want to enjoy a miniseries with a touch of political action, then this is one of the best ones.

37. The Leftovers

2% of the world population goes away without even the traces of returning. The family they leave behind the heartbreaks and emotional breakdowns. This show covers this dark part of the world. The central character is a police officer whose sanity is rapidly slipping away. He finds a spirit in a woman with two kids. The painful part of the series is the characters, and the plot cannot lead towards any definite answer.

38. Rome

Decades before the game of thrones, Rome was one of those series that enjoyed the liberty of roman history. The story is about two men who are not best friends, but their bond in the series holds the content from beginning to the end. Both of them have different destinies, and they know about it. Yet they manage to be with each other.

39. Awkwafina is Norah from Queens.

Do you want to add something funny and hilarious to your watch list from HBO? Norah lives with her grandparents and keeps trying new things. She gets jealous when her cousin starts a business. She shakes hands with her cousin, and unfortunately, things didn’t go smoothly. You will enjoy the series as it has chunks of comedy and humor that will help you make your day.

40. Warrior

Inspired by the concept of late bruce lee, the show is a perfect thing if you want to add some action to your days. An American migrant travels to find her sister, and to his surprise, he finds that she is married to a gang leader. Fortunately, the lead character, ah SAHM, is a martial arts expert. However, he will need the expertise to deal with the uninvited gang war.

41. A small-town news

The audience might find it comedy at first glance because the show is full of a colorful cast and people around them. But this is about a reality where a small radio station owner wants to expand their reach to the audience of Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this is not so smooth to achieve, and people around him are helping him in his struggle towards his vision.

42. The venture bros

The venture bros. Is an animated series in which two adventurers are on an adventure with their father and a family bodyguard. The series came into success because of the flavorful experience and the details of directions. In addition, it managed to tackle pop culture, superheroes, and other series of its time. The series is a parody of Jonny’s quest, and it got fame because of its colonial nature.

43. Gossip Girl

Gossip girl is a story of a girl’s group in newyork college, where the lead role, Julien, is a new “it” girl. Unfortunately, her friends have a darker side, which they think will remain a secret forever. However, the curtains start falling off over time, revealing the unknown. This series was a sequel of the HBO max original the gossip girl, and it became a sensation due to its content.

44. Wellington Paranormal

This horror-comedy has a handful of episodes on HBO for now but has unique content promising the fourth season in line. This show is a tremendous original in the list of HBO offerings where two police officers are roped up to join a paranormal activity controlling unit. Unfortunately, they don’t even know that their life will take a real turn. This series is one of the best ones to add to your must-watch list from HBO originals.

45. Catch And Kill The Podcast Tapes

This is more than a series type of content. Investigating people who had suffered from sexual abuse and misconduct. This series is not easy to watch, yet it has the voice of many people who were left unheard when they were supposed to be supported. This has a story revolving around the people, men and women, who were the victims. This series will give you chills in your bones.

46. In treatment

With a successful history of the past three seasons of this series, now there is the fourth season in which the cast is again there with excellent content. Some patients have a different story to engage you throughout the series with every episode. You can try this series to lighten up your mood as it has beautiful chunks of positivity and gentle humor.

47. Chernobyl

If you want me to define the actual color of this miniseries, I would say that this is one of the best descriptions of tragic history. It dramatized the 1986 Chernobyl incident, and every detail was kept in mind to make the experience real and feel. They didn’t even miss the radiation poisoning. This was not to give you heartaches but to make you think about the actual experience.

48. The Nevers

Sci-fi movies and London is not a good combination. However, if you think the same, your idea will be redefined by “the nerves.” This is a story of a woman who is blessed with some supernatural powers, and hence there is a group of people behind her to destroy it. But, unfortunately, there is also a group of other people who possess such energies and are involved in malicious activities.

49. 30 coins

The horror mystery about father Vergara, who is a priest. He is exiled from a church, returning to his hometown in Spain. The series will hold your breath when the paranormal activities start taking place. People think that this is because of the return of Vergara. They inspected him and about his disturbing past. What will happen when they try to find about the coins that he holds with him? Set HBO max to find it out.

50. Angels in America

The 1984 HBO teleplay, “Angels in America,” written by Tony Kushner and turned into an Emmy award-winning juggernaut with Mike Nichols’s direction. Even though this kind of pedigreed cast isn’t common now as Al Pacino starred alongside Meryl Streep 468 years ago when they playfully told their story about McCarthyism during The Cold War era; we can still hope that one day there will be more projects like these left behind for future generations!


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